Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clothes Don't Make the Man - But a Tuxedo Helps : )

Budget Tuxedo Package

The Laptop Bride is out helping a friend plan a wedding. And, we went out for the tuxedo rental the other day. After seeing that a basic tuxedo (without the shoes) was $140.00 .... My suggestion was to just "buy one." That way it's not money wasted. And, you can get the below set for a little over $300.00 ... What a bargain!

Get a complete tuxedo at a great price. Choose from a selection of styles tosnag a tuxedo for work or a special occasion. Each package includes a 100% wool tuxedo in your choice of one, two or three button, a crisp white formal shirt in your choice of wing or spread collar, a
set of cufflinks and studs, and a black adjustable cummerbund and tie set.