Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amazing Story from Heirloom Iron Beds

Wow. Came across this site (by accident) and what a story of re-emergence and tenacity! And what an amazing story .... "On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina took nearly everything from us - our home, our belongings, and our memories. When we returned to our Mississippi home for the first time, fearing everything lost, we were amazed to find our Brass Beds of Virginia headboard and footboard waiting for us in the mud where our home used to be! To be excited at a moment as tragic as this is hard to explain - but this was no ordinary bed to us. From the photo, you'll understand why we were so shocked to find all the metal parts of our bed, undamaged. The bed was so well made and heavy - it didn't float away with the rest of the house.

Katrina left us with very little to call our own. This bed will always remind us of our survival and recovery. It is truly an heirloom. One day when our grandchildren and great-grandchildren snuggle up with us, we will tell them the amazing story of our very special bed."

Had to look through the whole site at this point and I'm glad I did. I have a bed for my wish list .... although all I can think of is that Dylan song "Lay Lady Lay," lay across my big brass bed . . . and before you think anything, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid was one of my favorite cowboy movies.... and Knockin' on Heaven's Door is a favorite song of mine which is by Dylan which resulted in the 7 degress of Dylan which made me think of "Lay Lady Lay. At any rate, baack to the beds. Very nice selection of beds, linens and other items for your boudoir!

Heirloom Brass BedsThe Iron and Brass Beds are authentic reproductions of the original iron and Brass Beds built at the turn of the century. They are reproduced with the same design of the original iron and Brass Beds, with the improvement of strength and durability through the availability of stronger materials, such as the steel that is used.

Their interlocking dove-tail cast solid steel frame system, no nuts, bolts, or screws ensure the stability with no shaking or squeaking. The rigid standards of excellence and quality of the hand made craftsmanship of these beds make for a bed that will last for generations. Made in the USA.

Something about a brass bed ... they are so romantic. Must have watched too many movies : )