Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

Want to laugh til' it hurts? The perfect book for entertaining. Comdey with helpful hints. Everything from freezing your pantyhose to make little hotdog ordeurves! Very retro, very chic, very timely and untimely : ) Love this book!

Martha Stewart Flowers for Your Wedding ... Affordable

Peppermint Carnations

Martha Stewart Flowers: Lisboa Carnations - - 25 stems

With its clove scent and lush petals, the carnation has maintained its popularity for more than 2,000 years. Its candy-striped coloring is reminiscent of carnations found in antique botanical prints. Use an entire grower's bunch to create a single luxuriant arrangement, or divide it into several small bouquets. Perfect for holiday decorating or to send as a gift. Complete your arrangement with a contemporary glass vase. For an additional charge, you may add one when you begin the ordering process. And only $39.99

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Booty Parlour Has the Cutest Little Set for Your Honeymoon Attire

Naughty Ballerina

Flirty ruffles dance off the top and bottom of this adorable duo with three tantalizing bottom options: ruffled bikini brief; frisky, frilly thong; or bikini with discreet crotchless cutout for playing peek-a-boo.

Who says you have to go to a bridal store to find a gown?

Golden Lace Gown

The Golden Lace features a lace and embroidered rouched bodice over a fantastic satin wrap skirt. The open lace-up back tops it off! A perfect gown. If you are looking for a wedding gown, formal dress or a prom dress, look no further than the Golden Lace. Only $111.00 to boot ....

Who says you have to go to a bridal shop to find a gown?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Beautiful Jewelry for the Bridesmaids and Attendants

Is this beautiful or what????????

And affordable. Makes a great gift for the bridesmaids, grandparents or mother's of the bride and groom. A wonderful keepsake that can be worn again and again!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winter Centerpeices... Wedding Centerpieces... Globes & Ornaments in a Bowl

From Illuminations, Vintage Ball Ornaments in a bowl. Simple and elegant. Plus, your guests can divvy up the ornaments as a favor to take home! More ideas: Group into a dessert dish, scatter them around candles, lay them on angels hair or even hang them from a miniature tree centerpiece!

50900519 Set of 24 Red Ball Ornaments 1"Dia.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Any time of year, these make a lovely favor . . .

Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts .... any time of year these would make a lovely favor.

Their solid white boxes arrive ready for you to embellish with your own ribbons or floral trims – perfect for coordinating with your wedding colors and theme! Each solid white box holds 1 buttercream frosted heart cut-out cookie. This gift includes:10 solid white boxes / 1 frosted heart cut-out per boxThis gift is also available in our retail # 34381 $24.95

From Cheryl & Co. (click on picture for more info)

Friendship Bracelet For Your Bridesmaids

Here is a fabulous find for your attendant/bridesmaid's gifts!

Virtues of Friendship Bracelet

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Joy, humor, love, loyalty, trust, grace—each of the six virtues of friendship is celebrated in this gold-and-leather bracelet. Hanging from the braided chocolate-colored leather cord are gold-plated charms in artful shapes. Exclusively from Red Envelope.

  • each satin-finished 18k-gold-plated charm is etched with one of the six virtues of friendship on both sides in cursive
  • choose 7 1/4" or 8" long
  • toggle closure
  • charms measure between 3/8" and 1/2" long
  • matching necklace and earrings also available. see below for available
    styles (Click Here)

Monday, November 20, 2006

CZ Wing Earrings .. Steal Cameron's Style

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yes You CAN CAN : )

Bourjois The Can Can Colour Show

This is so adorable. It's great to buy for yourself or as a two'fer .... a gift for the bridesmaids that they can use on your wedding day!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hollywood Superman Wedding ...HMMMMM

This is the wedding of "The Hollywood Superman" getting married to his long time "Lois Lane" under the massive Superman statue located in Metropolis, IL. Every year they hold a weekend long Superman Festival that celebrates the man of steel with trivia contests, costume contests, celebrities, the Super-Museum, & more. It is great fun for not a lot of money. If you have ever been a Superman fan you should do yourself a favor and go. You have seen "the Hollywood Superman" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno & he has appeared on the Daily Show as well as other television programs including an upcoming spot on Jimmey Kimmel Live. For more information on the Superman Celebration visit

Friday, November 17, 2006

Champagne and Roses Ring Bearer Pillow


and Roses Ring Bearer Pillow

$24.95 each

Subtle satin embellishments make this an absolutely elegant choice for your big
day. We've found the warm tones to be very versatile, complimenting many shades
of taupe, brown, pink and ivory and it provides a surprising "pop" of
color paired with a little boys black or navy suit.  Measures 7"
square.  Need more ideas?   Click here:  Shopping

Hair We Go Again ...

Found the perfect set for your travels. Weather going on a honeymoon, traveling over the holidays or just need a little kit to take to work for those afternoon luncheons or strait from work dinners. Everything you need for your hair .... what could be more perfect?

T3 The Overnight Travel Dryer and Comb Collection

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Twinkie Wedding Cake ....

Today's wedding cake has come a long way from the traditional tiered white iced fruit cake. Thanks to tPhotobucket - Video and Image Hostinghe open minded couples who want something "different", cakes now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors. And why have white or pound cake, when there’s the choice of carrot cake, angel food cake or cheesecake in a myriad of flavors, coupled with different fillings, toppings, icings, and frostings. And whose to say you have to have cake to begin with? those of you who don't just want cake!

First, the rule of thumb . . . "if you can stack it .... you can make it." The basic premise of all of the cakes below is to stack your medium (i.e., cupcakes, twinkies, donuts or even cheese) and then embellish. You can embellish with cake tops, icing flowers, ribbons, sprinkles or any other item you may want to place on your cake. The sky is the limit in regards to creativity with these cakes. :

Laptop Bride News: Alternatives to the Wedding Cake

Think Twinkies

Those spongy creamed- filled cakes have taken on a new role thanks to Hostess baking expert Theresa Cogswell. Cogswell created the Ribbons and Bows Twinkie Wedding Cake, Mr. and Mrs. Twinkie Tiered Twinkie Cake, Twinkie Wedding Day favors and more. The Twinkies are wrapped in fondant (a pliable icing) and decorated or frosted. Other than the Twinkies — you’ll need 27 of them for the wedding cake — some other supplies are needed to make and assemble the cakes, including cardboard cake rounds and a prepared cake mix. (For detailed instructions on how to make Twinkie cakes:

(The Twinkies Cookbook: An Inventive and Unexpected Recipe Collection from Hostess)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

KIssing Ball Makes A Fabulous Wedding Centerpiece

Under $30.00 and fabulous. This makes a fantastic wedding centerpiece! Add some sprigs of holly or even a small table mirror with tea lights surrounding it. Mantelpiece Urn and Kissing Ball (From Jackson and Perkins)

An instant yet sophisticated holiday decoration that compliments your good taste!

Display our timeless red Kissing Ball inside the classical contours of the urn – it's a beautiful match! Urn also provides a holiday showcase for your favorite fabric flowers or fresh-picked greenery. Its miniature dimensions fit just right on a mantelpiece, table or countertop. Kissing ball, crafted from cedar wood shavings, features vibrant holiday red color and shining satin ribbon. Urn, 9 1/4" H x 5 3/4" Dia. Kissing Ball, 5 1/2" Dia. Greeting card available.
NEWMantelpiece Urn and Kissing Ball Item No. 38972C $29.95

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Knitted Wedding .... A Real Purl : )

The Knitted WeddingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you are a knitter .... and that's your thing, you should definitely check out the "Knitted Wedding." Everything at this wedding was knitted. This
included cameras, the gown, the food, the cake and decorations. The bride is curator of the exhibition ‘Ceremony’, and Knitting Doctor, Freddie Robins. All knitters and their friends were invited to the wedding. Guests were allowed to knit through the reception. People were allowed to send knitted items in to the couple and requested to have their names attached totheir project. Why?" you ask. Because this all will be shown later in a book called, “ How to Knit Your Own Wedding” published by ‘Cast Off’. For more pictures, ideas and treats visit their website:

Oh and if you want knitting patterns, Cast off offers those too. A few samples are below: Please click the links below to download the knitting patterns as Word documents.







Bud & Leaf


For more patterns you can also visit: Knitting Pattern Central

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Cupcake Gown...Sweetest Dress You Will Ever See

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIsn't this just the sweetest gown ... pun intended : ) There are 478 cupcakes in the dress. This is from a photography exhibit in Australia called “Shoot the Chef.” A full, multicolored cupcake gown. The flowers - roses and gerberas, mainly - were all fresh. The "skirt" took about three hours to build. It was an exercise in putting a lot of beautiful elements together to explore the idea of femininity.

I would want two of these... one to eat and one to wear. And, I bet
it's a safe bet this doesn't come in a size 10 : )