Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A cup a cup a tea! I heart tea!

Invite your guests to a "Cup of Love" in these delightful heart shaped cups & saucers. The unique feature is that the cups are heart shaped on the insides as well! Choose from espresso size 2.5 oz. or tea cup size 7 oz. Also choose platinum or gold trim/handles. Sold as a set of 6 in assorted colors as shown. The price listed is for a set of 6 cups & 6 saucers.

PINK & GOLD TEA CUPS & SAUCERS (6) - $ 52.00
Invite your guests to a "Cup of Love" in these delightful pink heart shaped cups & saucers, trimmed in gold. The unique feature is that the cups are heart shaped on the insides as well! Tea cup size 7 oz. set of 6.

Perfect for bridal shower and wedding favors, our Mini Heart Pastel Espresso Cups and Saucers can be filled with your favorite beans or sweet confections. Features whimsical heart shaped saucers with gold trim on the cups, saucers and handles. In assorted pastel colors, as shown. Comes in a yellow hat box styled gift box with white satin lining. Set of 6 tea cups & saucers.

Don't forget the Candy Sticks! This is very nostalgic ... rock candy!


Create a sparkling crystal theme for your candy buffet, bridal shower or wedding with our Crystal Candy Swizzle Sticks. Available in a set of 14 assorted colors or your choice of all one color. Choice of WRAPPED or UN-WRAPPED.

IDEA: Tie two Crystal sticks together with Personalized Ribbon for a unique and classy favor.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Rent Your Bridal Jewelry --- It's Cheaper and You'll Feel like a Million Dollars!

Something Borrowed, Something New. I know where you can find Diamond Rental Jewelry! Everyday, more brides are discovering the secret for looking diamond dripping gorgeous on their wedding day. They’re renting fine jewelry from Adorn Brides. Real jewelry, real diamonds, pearls and gold all at an affordable price, and many times costing much less than a costume jewelry purchase. Hey, if the movie stars can do it on the red carpet, why can't you the Bride? Afterall you are Princess for a Day!

Diamonds are a Brides Best Friend  Even if Rented!

Mae West said it best," “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond.” Now that makes cents! I mean sense!

See more of my Diamonds are a Brides Best Friend Even if Rented!. And, did I tell you that Adorn Bridal is associated with The Knot?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wedding Paper Dolls ... A Cute Gift for the Flower Girl

The Pink Wedding Paper Dolls
The Pink Wedding Paper Dolls

During the post-war 50s, a woman's wardrobe was filled with stylish aprons, frocks and furs, hats, gloves, and handbags, slacks, suits, and sweaters, and everything in between--a prescribed outfit for every activity! Revisit the opulent styles from the decade reflected in this fabulous Pink Wedding collection, with 3 to 4 figures, over 30 outfits and dozens of accessories. "

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Foundation Wear -- Key to a great look in your wedding dress!

Getting married ... suffice it to say you want to look your best ... and so does your mother and mother-in-law and all those bridesmaids you asked to be in the wedding!

The right dress is key, but what's under the dress is as important as the dress. Your under garments are going to help pull the dress and your look together.

Whether you need to slim down a few sizes or you just want to hide that small (or large) tummy bulge, we suggest reshaping as an excellent solution.

Shapewear has been around for years. It's the new version of
the girdle, but more comfortable and in this case, medical grade. Shapewear, not only pulls the bulges in, but it also helps correct your posture and give you a nice smooth line in your clothes. You can take inches off your waist, enhance your breasts and even decrease your thighs.

Chances are you will have to buy all new under garments for the dress anyway, why not check into the shapewear option? The more support you have in your wedding dress, the better the dress will look which also translates into better pictures and a happier bride and groom.

Upper Part of the Body

Short fitting undergarments that extends to the ribs, pushing the breasts up and reshaping the waist are ideal for a low back dres, sleeveless and tight fitting innerwear that covers the entire torso.

Lower Part of the Body

Undergarments that provides support for your back, lifts your buttocks and totally shapes your hips is the way to go for the lower part of the body. The weight of a wedding dress can add additional stress on your back so you need an undergarment that is durable enough to provide the support you need yet comfortable enough to withstand long hours of wear. (You also want to be able to sit.)

A good bet, is to order your garment when trying on wedding dresses. It will alleviate a lot of stress! Don't wait until the week before the wedding to order your undergarments; you want to be sure they fit well with your dress and any of the alterations made to your dress. It should fit well with your gown and flatter your shape. The most important factor in purchasing your bridal undergarment is comfort. Peace of mind is an essential issue on your wedding day.

Don't forget, you can also change the shape of your body by wearing shapewear on a daily basis. The Body Magic is perfect for reducing the thighs, stomach, butt, waist, etc. Feel free to browse our products page and shop at our online store.

And don't forget ... the most important beauty secret of your big day is one that is free .... your smile!

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Greatest Love is a Grate Favor!

The Greatest Love of All ; a song by Whitney Houston is a lovely ballad full of emotion and care. What if you want to show the "Gratest Love?" Marrying a cook or perhaps you are known for your famous fondue parties or fines' in the kitchen? Check out this adorable favor!

"The Gratest Love of All" Cheese Grater in Showcase Gift Box

What could be "grater" than a lovely, smiling bride walking down the aisle to fulfill her destiny? Why, a lovely, smiling bride bringing a fun, practical and unique wedding favor to each of her guests, of course! In this delightful gift presentation, The "Gratest" Love of All Cheese Grater is the skirt on a traditionally gowned, cardboard-cutout bride, who's carrying a bright bouquet of lavender-and-red blooms. The clear gift box says The "Gratest" Love of All, and it's all accented by a sheer white organza bow and a matching "For You" tag. The grater measures 3 ?" high, and the display gift box measures 5 ?" x 2 ?" x 1 ?".

Some may call it a "cheesy,"favor, I call it grate!