Saturday, December 20, 2008

Say "I DO" With Your Wedding Shoes

Here are two absolutely adorable yet classy items to make your wedding personal. The "I DO" for shoes and the Thank you Necktie. Let me know what you think?


I DO for Shoes.

This is so cute and under $4.00. Makes agreat picture. Having trouble finding something blue? Well, not anymore. This brilliant rhinestone appliqué is not only blue but it holds the answer to the big question right on the bottom of your shoe! How cute will the picture be of you holding up your feet for all to see 'you do' have style and a sense of humor. Something blue for your shoes, made with durable plastic rhinestone crystals in Mindy's aqua blue. Just peel back and stick to the arch of your wedding shoe soles. Also great for scrapbooking, to use on gift bags or just about anywhere. Easily removable crystals measure 2 3/4" x 1 1/8" and come in an adorable gift envelope.

Thank You Necktie

A classy thank you gift!

"So Mr. Groom what are yougoing to get your groomsmen for being part ofyour wedding? It's challenging to find one greatgift that ALL the guys could really use. Thank them for 'helping you tie the knot' with this perfect necktie. Not only will it look great on everyone, but also it is a gift that will last a lifetime. This is 'knot' something to pass up.

Platinum silk necktie comes already embroidered on back side in black, thanks for helping us "tie the knot", and measures 58" long. Comes in a handsome black and Mindy blue gift envelope with string tie close. P.S. and it's under $35.00 ... great price for a gift that's actually usable.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

White House Black Market ... Affordable and Classy Clothing

Very Cool Store. Having a black and white wedding? You can find some very unique and affordable (classy) desses for the mother of the bride and the wedding party.

White House Black Market  (Chico's)

The prices are fantastic. Here are two items for my wish list!

Silk Zebra Scarf breath of ultra lightsilk in our exotic zig zag zebra print addsverve to black and white ensembles oraccessories. 40"x40".100% Silk. Imported.

As Seen on NBC's Today Show!

Luxe stretch silk slips on over tanks or tubetops when the night gets chilly. Imported. 77%Silk, 21% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Hand wash.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hot Water Bottle. A Perfect Wedding Gift . . . Why you ask?

Looking for the perfect bridal shower gift, or even wedding gift? The hot water bottle and/or cover is perfect. It's the item everyone needs (every now and then) but nobody wants to buy one. A gift is the answer. Hot Water Bottles are fabulous to use for aches and pains, muscular tension, stress or cramps. Can't sleep on a cold night? A cozy hot water bottle will work its magic. Cold Feet? Hot water bottles keep your footsies warm and comfortable. Hot water bottles are easy to travel with, especially on a long flight or bus ride. Going to the beach? Fill one of these about half full and freeze it. It'll keep you cool for hours!Here are some gorgeous and unique ones. Bet you never thought a hot water bottle could be cool!

Flashy Plaid Cover Hot Water Bottle (Assorted Colors)

Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

Transparent Frogs Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

A bunch of frogs floating around in your hot water bottle! What could be more fun? With an extra large mouth, it makes pouring hot water into the bottle easier and safer. Fill the bottle with hot or cold water and they float around enjoying the view. This transparent frogs hot water bottle is fabulous to use for aches and pains, muscular tension, stress or cramps. Hot water bottles are easy to travel with, especially on a long flight or bus ride. One side has a very light single-ribbed design to spread the heat more evenly and comfortably. The other side is glossy smooth for maximum heat. Keeps the heat longer than rubber bottles and never gets that old-rubber-bottle smell. The transparentcy is so unique. Allows you to see the water inside.

Gift silk embroidery hot water bottle cover This Figleaves hot water bottle cover is designed in pure silk satin and embroidered with a floral design. Your hot water bottle is slipped into the cover at the top and then the neck is secured with ribbons. It is 15"x8.5". (and silk)

Light too bright? Get a matching mask : )

Gift embroidered eye mask This Figleaves eye mask is designed in soft, silk rich satin, feeling soft and light on your skin. It is embroidered with a floral design and kept in place
with an elasticized head band.

Gift hand knit hot water bottle cover This hot water bottle cover from Figleaves is hand knitted in soft, thick yarn mixed with angora, and has a chunky cable knit design. The front is embellished with a grosgrain bow and the neck of the cover fastens behind with mother-of-pearl buttons.

P.S. you can get the plain red one at your local drugstore, but they aren't as pretty as the ones online : )

Monday, December 08, 2008

Wax On. Wax Off. Candle Lamps for Decorating & Romance

"Wax on. Wax off." Mr. Miagi (Karate Kid) might have had something there. . . Candles are an inexpensive way to enhance your table décor. They introduce color without making a commitment. They also add drama to your atmosphere, turning a gathering into a celebration, or a quiet evening alone into a mysterious and romantic experience. Candles are a great addition to your dinner table. They show off the beauty of your food and table settings, showcasing them almost like works of art. Shadows can be a beautiful addition to a room. In addition, candles double your decorating efforts by accentuating what you already have on display and shrouding what you don't want noticed with shadows and mystery. In selecting colors for the candles, you can go with monochromatic scheme, such as using blue candles in a blue room. But it's more visually interesting to pick up an accent color found in accessories. Even more interesting is to add punches of color not found in the room, for example, showcasing a neutral room with red candles. Candle lamps are an excellent resource as you can get a plain lampshade or decorative one.

Though you may select unscented candles for your dinner table, scented candles used elsewhere can provide other benefits. Depending on the fragrance, they can be relaxing, energizing, or romantic; they can also create memories. Smell is a very important part of the whole celebrating experience as well as in everyday living. Below are some of my favorite picks. A candle lamp at each place setting with perhaps a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table is a beautiful and awesome display, especially in evening lighting. In addition, these candles make great favors.

Butterfly Design Candle Lamp Favors

Light the way for a very special day with these pretty butterfly design candle
lamp favors These shimmering butterfly design candle lamp favors are sure to
brighten your guests ... more info.

Cross Design Candle Lamp Favors

Let the true spirit of the day shine through with these cross design candle lamps as your religious occasion favors Religious occasion favors give your guests a lasting reminder of just how ... more info.

Heart Candle Lamp Favors

Hearts and the room will be aglow with these heart design candle lamps as your event favors Sure to add warmth and cheer to any love-filled occasion, these decorative and useful candle lamp favors ... more info.

LOVE Design Candle Lamp Favors

Give your guests an especially warm greeting with these LOVE design candle lamps as your event favors There will be no chance that your family and friends won ... more info.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Great Shoes are The "Rule". Affordable Shoes are a Bonus!

Weddings. Parties. Dinner. Holidays. New Years Eve. Every dress needs a great pair of shoes. It's the "Rule." Here are some new styles that are divine. They not only look great themselves -- but they will add to any outfit you are wearing. (Affordable too!)

Touch-Ups Abby Bridal Shoes

Touch-Ups Abby Bridal Shoes $49.99 per pair

Peeps. Pleats. Perfect! Abby is a grown-up version of a trendy flat with a 1.75" heel - just enough for a little lift. In your choice of silver, gold, black or dyeable white satin and available in a large selection of sizes including wide.

Grazia Valentine Bridal Shoes

Grazia Shoes $210.00 per pair

A covered platform base makes this a smart choice for the girl who wants it all - glamour and comfort. The peep-toe is embellished with a Swarovski crystal detail and the luxurious silk satin is available in white or ivory. Heel measures 4". Available in a wide selection of sizes.

Special Occasions Paola Bridal Shoes

Special Occasions Paola Bridal Shoes $77.99 per pair

Inspired by vintage Hollywood with a shot of modern chic, this basic pump gets glammed up with a scalloped detail, crystal peep-toe and that fantastic 3.75" heel. Available in black, soft silver or white dyeable satin and a large selection of sizes including wide.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Talking About Wedding Cake ....

A few fun tidbits and tips to think about when choosing your wedding cake.

The multitier wedding cake that is so familiar at receptions is modeled after the spires of St. Bride’s Church in England.

The average wedding cake costs between $500 and $700 and onwards up to thousands of dollars. Figure on $4.50 per serving.

Most wedding cakes still are made of round tiers. Square-tiered cakes look very sophisticated, but they have not put much of a dent in the popularity
of the traditional round.

Bakers routinely offer back-up sheet cakes for the wedding reception to make sure there is enough cake for all the guests, no matter what the size of the tiered version at the center of the room is. But it is increasingly poEternity Rings Cake Topperpular for brides to plan for a table of various desserts in addition to the wedding cake.

According to the The Red velvet cake is by far the most popular flavor among brides (especially in the south). Bakers suggest that there only be two flavors in a three-tiered cake. The sheet cake can be another flavor altogether.

Make sure the bottom layer is a flavor the bride and groom both like. That is the layer they will cut and serve each other symbolizing their pledge to work together and to care for each other.

Brides often save the top layer to share with the groom on their first anniversary. But you can also preserve it in brandy to be shared on your 50th (don't know how it will taste -- but it can be done.) Some bakeries will also offer to re-create the top of the cake for the first wedding

Sources: Various web sites, comments by bakers and wedding planners).

The Doilie. Like it or not? I think they are wonderful for Holiday Table Decor

The doilie. Not your grandma's arm rest covering or head rest on the old recliner. They can be used for holiday or decorative additions to your table. Below are a few (along with some other cute embellishments) that easily make your table attractive at a low price.

Holly Doily Set

"Dress a table for the ??hollydays"" with one of these crocheted doilies."

Snowflake Doilies Set of 3

Don't forget you can find paper doilies at your local bakery, cake stores, craft stores and even Walmart!


Fur" Trimmed Flatware & Treat Stocking"

Magical new way to set a holiday table! Brushed poly-cotton on one side, poly felt on other.

Cranberry Candle

Fill your home with the scent of cranberry. The deep, burgundy color on this 2"
x 5 1/2"H pillar will enhance your table. Solid brass holder is 4 3/4" x 41/4"H.

Large Tabletop Christmas Tree

"Large Tabletop Christmas Tree. Rooted in the same holiday spirit as it's standing balsam twin, this 30"" foil Christmas tree will bring cheer to any seasonal decoration! Party guests will say, ""Oh Tannenbaum""when you display this festive tree on a desk or table! Collapsible for easy

Elrene "Poinsettia" Placemats, Set of 4

Elrene "Poinsettia" Placemats, Set of 4 (Looks great on a white, red or green tablecloth.)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick Christmas Table Centerpieces for your Wedding or Party

Christmas is a time of joy and excitement, thus your centerpieces should reflect that. Use traditional colors: White, Red, Green, Gold, Silver, Blue. You can go traditional, or unusual. Your choice. Below are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Giant glass or see-through Bowls of Christmas ornaments can be a great idea for a centerpieces that can double as a Christmas Wedding Favor (they could be personalized or hand-painted with you wedding date). The big round shiny ones . red, green, blue, silver, gold. Fill each bowl with however many people are at that table. Every guest reaches inside the bowl and takes one home as their Favor.
  • Gift boxes, either small one in a bowl (as above) or big gifts which could be opened at one point in the night. They could hold any Christmas Wedding favor you decide to give...or
    could just be filled with candy for your guests to enjoy. This can be varied and personalized for your wishes.
  • Poinsettias can be set in the center of the table and are popular around Christmas time. You could also put rings of holly or roping around the table to add that Christmas flair.
    Oh and Don't forget to add the Mistletoe over the Bride and Groom seats. This will help with the kissing. Just remember both Mistletoe and Poinsettias are Poisonous, so beware if adding to Cake or around children.
  • Clear or white Christmas lights wrapped in white tulle
  • For a religious touch, you may use Christmas carols for your wedding music and sing as many as you like. Some of the favorite Christmas carols will make your guests sing along too (or at least hum: ) ).
  • If your wedding colors are Christmas colors, match you Christmas lights to them.
  • Simple wreaths with white bows edged with gold or silver make great wall decorations and even table centerpieces -- just place a candle in the middle.
  • Swags of white silk poinsettias with gold-tipped centers can be used to decorate the walls and tables for the Christmas wedding for a festive but elegant look.
  • Tables covered with net and having centerpieces of a glass bowl filled with Christmas ornaments look quite pretty. You can later give out these ornaments as wedding party favors.

Holiday Lane 60mm Multicolored Christmas Ornaments, Box of 18Holiday Lane 60mm ulticolored Christmas Ornaments, Box of 18Holiday Lane 60mm Multicolored Christmas Ornaments, Box of 18

Topiaries of any size can be used as table centerpieces.


28" Festive Faux Topiary Tree

You can decorate your church and wedding hall with lots of romantic and pillar-shaped candles and use ivy and berries for traditional Christmas wedding décor.

Hurricane Candle Holderwith CandleHurricane Candle Holderwith Candle. Create a dramatic holiday centerpiece! Glass hurricane holder is 6"x7", vanilla-scented pillar candle is 3"x3". For an extra-festive look, add your own ornaments or encircle it with our cranberry wreath, sold seperately.

Flower styles, availabilities, and costs vary throughout the year. This also varies from region to region. Florists can get almost any type of flowers for you, but it makes sense to have the bulk of your floral arrangements made of flowers that are readily available during the season of your wedding. You have many options for winter wedding flowers. All white, all red, red and white, full color, all are available, with plenty of options for festive fillers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Narcissus- white or yellow with flowers with an orange center. Like the mythical Narcissus who was in love with his own reflection, these flowers are beautiful
Magnolia Blossoms- The pink tinted flowers offer simple elegance, and offer hints of all the life of spring time to come
Carnations- Classic flowers, always available
Violets- Small and striking flowers
Gardenia- White flowers that are beautiful for a winter wedding, elegant, and have a lovely fragrance
Amaryllis- You can get them in different colors; the petals are multi-shaded and look stunning
Orchids- Many brides love orchids, and even see them as a status symbol. These flowers really are beautiful, but they are also pricey.
Roses- Such a classic, and so many varieties to choose from. A bouquet of nothing but roses can look very elegant all on its on, or roses mixed with other flowers can draw from each other's
beauty. Red and white roses are both classic and fitting for a winter wedding. Fire and Ice roses are white with red tips; though some have a more orange than red tint.
Snowball Mums- These look like what their name implies
Freesia- Many different color options, a nice simple flower
Tulips- Another classic that offers your bouquet or centerpiece a nice push of color, with many colors to choose from.
Lilies- Big, bright flowers than can add an elegant "oomph" to your bouquet. Many varieties to choose from. Calla Lilies are especially elegant, and a classic choice for a wedding flower.
Crocus- Several varieties, tending to be purple with an orange center.
Gerbera Daisies- These flowers are bright, fun and innocent, and also pack in a lot of color.
Dahlias- A beautiful burst of a flower, in a variety of colors
Lisianthus- These flowers have a gentle, truly feminine look.

To fill in your bouquet or centerpiece:

Foliage that is sprayed gold is very festive for Christmas weddings especially
Baby's Breath
Dusty Miller- this is silver, and perfect for a winter wedding as it adds an icy elegance to the arrangement

The best way to figure out what flowers will work for your wedding is to do a little research, then sit down with your florist. They'll be able to tell you what has and hasn't worked well in their experience, plus they will be able to give you an idea of the costs of the different flowers. Keep in mind that prices can vary greatly from florist to another. Make sure you find a florist with a good reputation, who you trust to match your vision for your wedding day, and to work with you to make that happen on your budget.

First Snowfall to the left is a great example of an elegant yet inexpensive centerpiece. A puff of frilly white alstroemeria - as pure as a first snowfall - is arranged atop pinecones, glossy red berries and a sprig of fresh cedar in this festive winter bouquet. All tied up with a red chiffon bow, it's the perfect holiday centerpiece - or a pretty floral gift for anyone on your list. White alstroemeria, flat cedar, pinecones and faux berries, accented with a red chiffon ribbon, arrive in a glass bubble bowl. Approximately 10" (W) x 9" (H)

MINI WEDDING ROSE CUBE-CREAMMINI WEDDING ROSE CUBE-CREAM Gorgeous blooms and unmatched fragrance make this collection of 8 fresh roses, white stock, white waxflower or 'Millionstar' gypsophila and curly willow in a 4'x 4' glass cube a statement of endless elegance! Available with cream, peach, pink, red, white, lavender or yellow roses, this centerpiece adds that unique touch of sophistication to every table.

And, as I said, if you want something different, try glitter trees, candles or Christmas Decorations that are different, such as the tree below:

Department 56 24" Gold Glittered TreeDepartment 56 24" Gold Glittered Tree
Your real Christmas tree will be green with envy next to this golden 24" tree. Made of resin, this sparkly decorative tree makes a glittery centerpiece on a dining room table, or display it on a table in your front entranceway to welcome guests.

Gold Ornament Tree
Create a unique family heirloom centerpiece for your holiday table with our elegant Christmas Tree Ornament Stand. Beautifully crafted of gold finished wire the distinctive 24"H tree features scrolling branches a star on top and rotates in a circular motion using 2 "C" batteries (not included). Tree is not personalized. Perfect for showcasing favorite ornaments. (Ornaments sold separately.)