Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mantilla's, Wedding Veils and Hair ... Key components to show your style!

Your hair is your crowning glory, so it only stands to reason that your wedding veil, tiara or hairpiece should reflect your style, match your dress accordingly and be comfortable. To learn more about the different styles of veils ...we have the following for you.

Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are the crowning glory that complete a bride's look. First, choose the right cut and length, then customize your veil with our dozens of gorgeous edges and decorations.

Short Wedding Veils

Short wedding veils are easy to wear all night long and perfect for a less formal look. And so many options! One or two tiers, more or less fullness, shimmering sequins, vintage-style lace and more. Get "the look" you've been looking for. More Info

Mid-Length Wedding Veils

Sensible, yet sublime. Mid-length wedding veils combine the ease of a short veil with the formality of a chapel length veil. Choose from unique designs like mantillas and cage veils, or more traditional cuts, for a look all your own. More

Long Wedding Veils

The gown, the shoes, the tiara, and then...the veil. It's what makes a bride, a bride isn't it? And nothing says formal, elegant and majestic quite like chapel or cathedral length wedding veils. More Info

Mantilla Wedding Veils

Mantilla veils are beautiful lace creations in traditional Spanish-style. Choose from dozens of edges and colors to creat a veil as unique as you are! More