Thursday, June 14, 2007

Banana Creme Filled Hostess Twinkies Wedding Cake

Yes, you can make a wedding cake out of Twinkies : )

Get ready to go Bananas all you Hostess Twinkies lovers out there! Already experienced in the ways of the limited edition, Hostess is re-issuing the ltd-ed Banana Twinkies filled w/ banana-flavored cream, and this time they are here to stay. Hostess Twinkies are already known for their golden spongy cake and creamy vanilla center .. but technically they are starting back at their roots -- the first flavor that Twinkies ever made was the banana cream over 70 years ago. The banana flavored Twinkie was released last week and is as sweet as the vanilla but with a subtle hint and smell of bananas.

So for all you history buffs, an interesting fact is that the Hostess Twinkies started out banana but switched to vanilla cream because of wartime shortages during WWII . From 1930 when the Twinkie was invented to the 1940s, Twinkies were filled solely with banana cream. But as the banana shortage during the war deepened, it forced Hostess bakers to replace it with the vanilla flavor. In the past Hostess has reintroduced the banana flavor during limited time runs -- but always took them off the shelves when the promotion ended. All that changed when Hostess offered it four weeks last year for the release of "King Kong ". The total Twinkie sales jumped 20% during the promotion. And suffice it to say -- that probably made Hostess go bananas with joy!

And, more interesting (to me, anyway) is that there’s already been another product announcement this summer w/ the same flavor. All you need is one more banana product to make it an official trend. Think of all the Twinkie things you can make now:, I might have to go ahead and buy The Twinkies Cookbook: An Inventive and Unexpected Recipe Collection from Hostess. For tips on making your own twinkie wedding cake - check out the book : )