Monday, January 28, 2008

Wedding Gift Suggestions

If your friends are looking for a few solid wedding gift ideas for you, and you don't have a registry to work off of or need anything in particular, here are some suggestions for gifts:

  • Money – Cash gifts may seem impersonal to some, but for couples that are not registered the gift of cash can be put towards anything they’d like whether it’s a down payment on a vehicle, a house or just fun splurge money for their honeymoon vacation – it’s a gift that let’s them get what they want.
  • Reservations – You may not think this is such a big deal, but covering their expenses for a night in a luxurious honeymoon suite before they continue on to their honeymoon can be a real kick for many newlyweds. They can savor the room service, the Jacuzzi tubs and the opulent privacy that every newlywed couple deserves
  • Gift Certificates – Whether you give them a gift certificate to a wonderful place at their honeymoon destination or to favored restaurants at home; gift certificates are great wedding gift ideas because it allows them to enjoy fine food and a romantic dinner
  • Bottle of Wine or Champagne – This is a good wedding gift idea for the right couple. Give them a bottle of wine or champagne with a note to not be opened until their 1st wedding anniversary.
  • A donation in the couples name.