Monday, January 07, 2008

Wear Your Heart on Your Cake : ) Heart Cake Toppers

Where there's cake there's a topper; and your topper personalizes your cake and you as a couple. What is more traditional than the heart? Below are contemporary versions and traditional. They've come along way ... toppers that is, below are some of the newer designs and we think they are beautiful!

Love Knot Cake TopperLove Knot Cake Topper - A refreshing departure from a classic figurine this glazed porcelain sculpture has a distinctly contemporary look . The knot at the base of the heart represents your commitment to love, honor and cherish for eternity. Each cake topper measures 6.5" tall and is meant to be displayed as a keepsake after your wedding.

Tropical Bliss Cake TopperTropical Bliss Cake Topper - Not all beach weddings are barefoot-casual, and this glazed porcelain piece is made to be displayed at the most luxurious of tropical settings. Its simple-chic design looks great with minimally decorated cakes, and if your cake is to be elaborately embellished with flowers, seashells or icing, it serves as an appropriately subtle finishing touch. Each figurine measures
5.75" tall.

Love and Lace Cake Topper

Love and Lace - From smooth pearls to lacy embroidery, a wonderful play of textures makes this romantically styled cake topper stand out. The white resin base looks like white icing so the transition from cake to topper is very subtle. Each piece measures 8" tall and includes a secret compartment for storing a keepsake after your wedding.

Heart's Flourish Cake Topper

Hearts Flourish - Spirited and spontaneous, this glazed porcelain design is meant to bring a distinct contemporary style to your cake top. After the wedding your cake topper becomes a keepsake and a beautiful object d'art on a bookshelf or in a collector's cabinet. This piece measures 6.5" tall.

Take My Hand Cake Topper

Take My Hand - A modern version of the traditional figurine, this cake topper depicts a romantic moment between the bride and goom as they're framed by a heart. Each piece is crafted in glazed porcelain so the topper has a smooth finish and a bit of shine. Measures 5.75" tall.