Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - A Gourmet Treat

I actually received these Hand-Dipped Strawberries (from Sherries Berries) last year. Let me tell you . . . they are worth every calorie in every bite and every penny. More importantly, it was a great Valentine gift because these are something I would not have bought for myself. So if you want to get a great Valentine gift, surprise someone special with a dramatic display of 1 dozen hand dipped and decorated strawberries. Nestled inside an elegant gold foiled box with plush black lining, each berry boasts of a unique design and flavor combination for a deliciously different experience with every bite. These "almost too beautiful to eat" berries provide a full variety of our original six fancy dipped berries decorated with either; swizzles, almonds, mini-chocolate chips or fresh shredded coconut.