Friday, September 07, 2007

It's the BALM -- The Sexpot Series of Makeup -- Love it!

I have a new set of favorite cosmetics. The new "The Balm" or "Sexpot Series" is fantastic. Great makeup at a great price... and I love, love, love the packaging. Lots of minerals to help the complexion. Affordable and the titles make you laugh. What more could a glam girl ask for? And there is a whole line of colors, shades and products. I only listed 3 -- but I'll tell you -- it's fun going through the whole gamut of this line!

TheBalm Hot Mama

What it is:A true all-in-one essential: sexy shadow, striking blush, subtle highlighter, and light-reflecting lip finisher tucked inside a go-anywhere compact.

What it is formulated to do:

The pinky-peach hue adds a splash of color to cheeks, a hint of shimmer to the lids, and illuminates your finest features.

theBalm Overshadow 100% Mineral Makeup, If You're Rich I'm Single

the sexpot series

If You're Rich, I'm Single ~ Mauve Pewter

The new Overshadow Series from theBalm features a collection of 100% pure mineral pigments in wearable colors that add a luxe look to the lid, taking the most subtle daytime shadow and amping it up for nighttime fun. Free of talc, preservatives, oil, and fragrance, this launch represents the first foray into the mineral market for theBalm.

The product allows tried and true shadow favorites to stay in the picture, but gives them a bit of an edge to make them feel fresh for a new season. The result? The Overshadow Series ~ a means by which to give the shadows already in your makeup arsenal a new dimension.

theBalm Pick-Up Liners Mini Eyeliner Pencils with Built-in Sharpener

Why start your new year off with just one man, when you can have three?
theBalm, the San Francisco based beauty company, introduces Pick-Up Liners in
three shades named after three of history's most romantic men: Casanova, Don Juan, and Romeo.

  • For the playful girl in you try Casanova, a rich brown.
  • For the ladies looking for a seductress use Don Juan, a true black.
  • For the hopeless romantic use Romeo, a soft gray.

theBalm's new universally flattering trio of mini liners are designed to fit in the palm of your lady-like had to allow for ultimate control over your man. These easy to blend Pick-Up Liners provide a soft texture for easy application and long lasting finish. The vintage inspired packaging is on-the-go friendly and the built-in sharpener will help keep your eyes perfectly
lined and perfectly defined, and your men on point.