Friday, September 28, 2007

Fish Bowl as a Table Centerpiece! Quite nice really!

Handblown Glass Fish Bowl wedding, party
Summer Wedding? Summer Party. Member of the party a fisherman or love the water? There is so much you can do with this fish vase. One option that is rater beautiful is to use it as a centerpiece. You can fill it with colored water and water plants or if you dare... beta fish. A lucky guest at the table gets to take it home. It's quite striking and beautiful. Your guests will be sure to be talking about this centerpiece! Or, if you go to the carnival and get at gold fish -- this makes a plain ol' nice fish bowl!

Handblown Glass Fish Bowl
A definite conversation starter! This beautifully detailed Handblown Glass Fish Bowl can be filled with a colorful beta or decorative rocks and plants. The bowl can also be used as a candy jar. Hand wash recommended