Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beach Wedding? You need Barefoot Sandals .. Pearls for your feet!

Just found the neatest online store (look at the banner ad on the side -- you can get 10% off your orders)... at any rate... pearls for your feet, your neck and wrist. And, they are so unique. Great for dressing up or down. And, I love to talk about small businesses.... the designer Michele began making barefoot sandals, or "Jewels" as she calls them, after returning from her wedding in Hawaii. She had a simple ceremony with a handful of friends and family, and as part of her casual wedding-day ensemble had purchased a pair of barefoot sandals. Although she loved the look of the sandals, she thought the options for classy but affordable sandals were limited... so she started designing her own ... and has grown.....

This gorgeous necklace is beautiful all by itself with gemstone chips, bali silver beads and Swarovski pearls, but, we add a photo tile strung onto a sterling silver clasp to make it perfect! Since ... more info.

Adorn your feet with this anklet featuring Swarovski pearls. This is a simple yet pretty anklet.

Adorn your feet with these beautiful barefoot sandals featuring Swarovski pearls.

Bridal Pearls Bracelet

Adorn your hands with this bracelet featuring Swarovski pearls. This is a simple yet pretty bracelet. Available in many pearl colors for the entire bridal party.