Thursday, January 04, 2007

Affordable Personalized Rings for Valentine's Day ...

Valentine's day is coming up. Not that you couldn't use these for any occassion... but, you can use the below coupon code to get a discount .... : ) I came across these in my email. Personally, I think they are really sweet. Rings with your beloved's name etched on it. Whether you are engaged, sweethearts or just best friends, these make a very nice affordable gift. They start in the range of $39.00. Can't beat that. And, who says you can't get them as a gift for dad or mom. They would make a nice pinky ring with dad's daughter's name(s) or daughter and son's name... same for mom. Just an idea thought I would pass along.

Sterling Silver Couple's Birthstone Hearts & Name Ring

Sterling Silver Couple's Square Birthstone and Name Ring

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