Friday, December 08, 2006

Cool Beans ... What a great wedding favor!

Magic Bean Wedding Favor

I think this is the "tops" for a wedding favor. So different... and you don't even have to have Jack climb the bean pole to find it. You can get it by simply clicking on the link below and viewing/buying it at Hanson Ellis Favors.

I personally always like something a little"different" and this to me is a real show stopper. Think about it ... you can put all your beans into one pot! : )


Blissful wishes of love, happiness, and gratitude are sentiments each newlywed hopes will come true as their love for one another grows. Now these blissful wishes can come true in this adorable mini terra cotta pot. Inside holds two magic wedding beans that are marked with the word “Love” and “Thank You” on them. The magic beans are nestled inside the pot on a bed of natural wood grass and wrapped with a white tulle and satin ribbon. Your guests can keep the wedding beans as a sentimental token or plant it. When planted the words still remain on the pods as they emerge from the soil. Watch as your wishes grow! Planting instructions are included.

Please note: You may also order the wedding beans without the terra cotta pot.