Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Control ... I think I'm gonna need it!

I surely think this is worth a try. I just bought a bottle and will let you know : ) I have a serious sweet tooth.. with the holidays ... I better watch out or I'm gonna pout!

This is called Sweet Control --- To Control your blood sugar level resulting in less sugar induced anxiety and better weight control. A nutritional supplement that will help to reduce high levels of glucose in the blood, helping to prevent such diseases as diabetes.


• Reduce resistance to insulin.*

• Improve the correct functioning of insulin*

• Diminish anxiety caused by sweet foods.*

• Help in weight control.*

• Collaborate in control of the appetite.*


Tungsten Rings said...

Hi there, thank you so much for posting this information, since I am too a sweet tooth myself and I think that now perhaps there may be a way for me to cut down on my anxiety! And funny enough, I did not even realize that it may have been from eating too much sugar! so I thank you! for bringing this information up! U rocK... thanks ,)

lollipops said...

These are a really sweet idea. Very cute and not traditional.