Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Audrey Hepburn "Updo" Timeless and Classic

Art Poster Print - Audrey Hepburn- Pop Art by unknown Print Size: 12 x 36 inches.

Bangs are in. There are Bettie Page bangs, the Cleopatra straight cut bangs and the fringe bangs; and then there are the short short bangs. Then there is the Audrey Hepburn hairdo in Breakfast at Tiffany's. On Audrey Hepburn, short bangs accentuate her doe like eyes, making them appear larger than they were. Your eyes are drawn to her eyes by the well shaped eyebrows and large eyes. Hepburn's updo gives her a flirtatious pixy look which is she is famous for.

Hepburn's updo is timeless. Her hair is simply pulled up into a ponytail and fluffed for fullness. The ends are curled under and secured with bobby pins. If you feel secure with this look, here's how to get it:

  • Separate your bangs. Your bangs need to be cut in an uneven pattern and texturized, by point cutting or with a razor, so that they appear light and natural. Cutting tCustom hem straight off will give you a blunt and chunky look.
  • Pull the rest of your hair back smoothly and form it into a full, controlled ponytail. This can be achieved on very long hair by pulling all the hair up into a high ponytail and fanning it out; or if you have very thick hair, you can backcomb the ponytail and then lightly smooth it over the top. The third option .... buy a hair piece to add on.
  • Pin the ends under and spray with firm-hold hairspray.
  • In hair that is not quite long enough, place a second ponytail about 2 inches down and hide it under the first. This allows the hair from the second ponytail to flow farther down or to the nape while the first ponytail is fanned out to cover all traces of the second. This also works well with layered hair.
  • The band of the first ponytail is hidden by taking part of the hair and then bobby-pinning it to your head in front of the band and then smoothing the hair over the band and blending it with the total ponytail. Skip this step if you have an ornamental barrette or large clip to hide the band.
  • To create this look on even shorter hair, pull your hair back and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray. Fasten a hairpiece in the form of a small hair piece or a fall to the crown of your head, making sure to cover all the bobby pins. The hairpiece should be a perfect match of your own hair color.

Make sure you have a great looking barrette. Here are a few we like:

Bellezza Crystal Mini Barrette

When you're wearing your hair up, a fancy little barrette is a nice way to dress up the look. This silver tone piece is pave set with sparkling crystals for a vintage look. Measures 1.5" wide.

Venus Barrette

Freshwater pearls and clear crystals are woven into an intricate lattice pattern along with glass pearls in your choice of white or ivory. Pearls and crystals can be attached with either 14K gold or sterling silver wire and are set on a 3.5" silver barrette. The decoration measures approximately .5" wide.

If you want to go a step further and "get" the Hepburn look, you will need pearls and a "little
black dress":

Lila's 12 mm White Baroque Pearl Set - 20" Long
-Pearls are a fashion staple - as one friend of ours said, "pearls are not a luxury - they're a necessity"! Sometimes, though, that standard string of pearls just doesn't have enough oomph for your fabulous outfit. Not to worry - Lila's collection of shell pearl necklaces and earrings are suitable for any occasion. Baroque shell pearls (shaped like tiny acorns) are tightly strung together, and secured in the back with a strong magnetic clasp. To close the necklace, just position each magnet near the other. They close with a snap, and open with a gentle pull on each magnet. The only trouble with Lila's pearl jewelry is picking just one! Do you prefer opalescent white pearls, gleaming silver pearls, or ultra-chic black pearls? 12 mm or 16 mm pearls? 18 or 20 inch necklaces? Forget choosing your favorite one - we're still trying to narrow it down to our favorite three or four! Be sure to shop the entire collection of Lila's pearl jewelry, and find the set that's perfect for you. There are eight sets to choose from...

And,'s "Audrey" dress. This is a sexy slim down dress, deep low V-neck front and back, gorgeous lace detail around neck line, stretch to huge your curve, a vent slit at back, side zip.