Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plastic Anyone? The New Trend for Bridal Attendants!

Botox. Teeth whitening. Skin peels. Boob Jobs. According to ther Herald Tribune - Bridesmaid's or attendant gifts of jewelry or knickknacks have gone by the wayside. It would seem that group manicures have gone the way of the wedding night pep talk as today’s brides are more and more often brightening their wedding party with some pretty serious and extensive work. Spas, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists are showing up at bridal expos in hot demand and it’s not just an afternoon out with the ladies anymore; some treatments are done over several months (not including recovery time.) Many brides are picking up the tab, but for those who aren’t, spa owner, Camille Meyer, explains why the bridesmaids are often willing to pay: “Most women, when they come in here, they want it. They know they’re aging.”

All I can say is you have to be a pretty darn good friend to all this as a wedding attendant : ) It's not just throwing the bachelorette party anymore!

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