Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaids Gift

Bridesmaid gifts can be fun, practical, useful or all of theabove. Your bridesmaids have known youMiranda Pearl and Crystal Earrings through all the good times aswell as the not so good times; therefore, your choice of bridesmaid gifts will symbolize yourhistory with each other and your appreciation.

The traditional bridesmaids gift is to choose matching jewelry for each
bridesmaid; such as: earrings, necklace, bracelet and/or hair accessories for the bridesmaid’s to wear during the wedding ceremony. Jewelry functions well as a gift of thanks for each bridesmaid and as a way of making sure that the bridesmaids’ jewelry is uniform in all of the wedding photos. Bracelets or anklets are another good selection for bridesmaid gifts as are little evening purses. Taking the jewelry concept one step further, consider having the bridBlue Tux Satin Gather Handbagesmaid gifts handmade by you or someone else. Visit a local craft store for ideas and take a swatch of the bridesmaid dress with you. Look at the various beads and see what complements the dress colors. If you think you are handy enough to make the bridesmaid gifts, do it! Or can ask the store manager for contacts of people who could craft them for you.

Some brides chuck the idea of traditional bridesmaid gifts and go for something else. Keepsake photo albums and picture frames are popular, especially if engraved with something personal. Elegant compact mirrors are treasured bridesmaid gifts because they can be carried in their purses and used forever. Those particular bridesmaid gifts are definitely unique and special. Plus, your bridesmaids will remember you every time they use those items. Another unique choice; a day at the spa; a massage; a day of pedicures and manicures or even a bridal tea with just your friends.

The next question is, when do you give them their gifts? Generally, the bride gives her gifts right before the ceremony. But, ifyou want to break tradition; here are some great ideas to show your friends how much you appreciate tFlamenco Crystal Combhem:

  • A new trend that is really taking off is the bridesmaid proposal. Insteadof calling your friend and asking them to be in your wedding, you can create an elaborate request with a card, a poem, and the bridesmaid gift itself. Not only will this inspire your bridesmaid to accept your invitation, it will
    free you up from having to worry about bridesmaid gift buying later when your wedding planning becomes more intense.

  • Another option is to give them their bridesmaid gifts at the bridal shower. As you know, all of the attention is on the bride at the shower; but, honoring your bridesmaids during the shower will be a selfless way to honor your maids when they are least expecting it. Since the bridesmaids usually plan the shower, there's no better time to than to say thanks then. Destination or beach wedding? Try giving them tank tops, wedding flip flops or even personalized bags.