Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding Sparklers for a Great Sendoff!

After the wedding you must have the perfect send off. With summer fast approaching and firework season in the future people are in the mood for a little sparkle. If you want something that looks great in pictures and you don't want bubbles or rice, wedding sparklers are a great alternative!

Turn your wedding into an extraordinary event with dazzling wedding sparklers. When lit, the gold sparks last for about 2 minutes. Size: 20 inches in length. Please note: This item can only be ... more info.

"A Sparkle of Love" Shimmering Wedding Sparklers

Your world and your wedding can sparkle and shine with these long-lasting sparklers that works outdoors! What a lovely send-off to your honeymoon! Each sparkler is 17" long, and burn time is approximately 2 minutes. Sold in sleeves of six sparklers, with a minimum of 18 sleeves per order.

of course you will need some matches : )

personalized matches

Matches are the perfect practical party favor. Whether you're planning an outdoor wedding with sparklers, celebrating your anniversary by candlelight or congratulating the groom-to-be with cigars these personalized matches will give your event a spark!