Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding Garter ... What do you do?

How does the wedding garter ceremony work you ask? Easy. The wedding garter. The bride wears two garters; one as a keepsake garter and the other for the throw away. Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee. Before the removal of the garter, the bride first
throws her bouquet to the single women. The groom removes the throw away garter from the brides leg, sometimes he removes it with his teeth , but more appropriately nowadays he uses his hands. He does this while the bride is sat in a chair. After the garter is removed, he then throws it to the single male guests. The male guest then takes the garter and places it on the leg of the single female guest who has caught the bouquet. Those that catch either item are said to be the next to marry. In some instances, it is said that they will marry each other. The keepsake garter is removed later in private during the honeymoon night.

Pink Garter Set

Pink Garter Set. Our garter set solves the dilemma of to toss or not to toss because you'll have one to give, and one to tuck away as a keepsake. The design is all feminine with airy organza ribbon, tiny pink beads and a touch of faux feathers. Both garters are one size fits all.

Catalina Bridal Garter

Catalina Garter. With a cluster of speckled seashells, this garter has a natural, organic look for your formal beach wedding. Made with soft ivory satin and organza it makes a beautiful gift for the gal who catches your garter, or a lasting keepsake if you choose to save it for yourself.

Forever Garter

Forever Garter. A sophisticated touch for your black and white wedding. Our white satin garter is trimmed in black and finished with a rose detail. One size fits all.