Monday, April 14, 2008

Pink Ribbon Retro Aprons for Girly Girls and Charity

With Mother's day coming up, the stores are already hawking Pink "breast cancer" support products. You have to be wary now-a-days of anything pink that bills itself as benefiting a breast cancer research charity. Just because it's pink, or the seller says they are donating money to a charity, that is not always the case. The Susan G. Komen Foundation, for example, has gotten the shaft from shady retailers who imply a connection to the organization by slapping pink ribbons on products, but never actually donate.

However, with that out of the way, there are some good products out there that actually do donate to the cause. I love girly girl, cute, fun, frilly things, of which some just happen to be pink and just happen to be in some way affiliated with a breast cancer research charity.

We are a big fan of Carolyn’s Kitchen retro chic aprons and dishwashing gloves. And, our sister site: Get Go Retro sells her line of aprons and gloves; and one of her apron and glove sets is Breast Cancer pink. Fifteen percent of the price of the apron and the gloves goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which isn’t too shabby. Plus, it’s 100% on the level.

If pink isn’t your color, you can always make a donation to the breast cancer research charity of your choice and browse Carolyn West’s other cute apron and glove sets.