Monday, April 28, 2008

Fans at the Wedding! Cool the guests off!

Those hazy, lazy dog days of summer . . . "What if?" It's scorching during your outisde wedding. Here's a great favor that works as double duty ... fans. Great to use on your big day, and great to use at home after : )

Sandalwood fans have been admired in the Chinese culture for centuries for their outstanding characteristics of ornate carvings. It is still a popular trend today with their unique charm and beauty. ... more info.

These beautiful, dainty silk hand fans are perfect for outdoor and summer weddings. Delicate wood panels are covered with gauzy silk for a lovely Asian inspired accessory. Your guests will ... more info.

These vibrant fans will keep your guests cool enough to sit through the entire ceremony. Constructed in heavy colored paper and natural bamboo ribbing, they are perfect for outdoor weddings and ... more info.

This fabulous paddle-shaped woven hand fan will give you that cool breeze on a sultry day. Perfect for summer weddings.

Let your guests cool off at your summer beach or garden wedding with these personalized paper hand fans. Fans are constructed out of heavy paper with natural bamboo ribbing. Available in white, ... more info.