Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Talking About Wedding Cake ....

A few fun tidbits and tips to think about when choosing your wedding cake.

The multitier wedding cake that is so familiar at receptions is modeled after the spires of St. Bride’s Church in England.

The average wedding cake costs between $500 and $700 and onwards up to thousands of dollars. Figure on $4.50 per serving.

Most wedding cakes still are made of round tiers. Square-tiered cakes look very sophisticated, but they have not put much of a dent in the popularity
of the traditional round.

Bakers routinely offer back-up sheet cakes for the wedding reception to make sure there is enough cake for all the guests, no matter what the size of the tiered version at the center of the room is. But it is increasingly poEternity Rings Cake Topperpular for brides to plan for a table of various desserts in addition to the wedding cake.

According to the The Knot.com. Red velvet cake is by far the most popular flavor among brides (especially in the south). Bakers suggest that there only be two flavors in a three-tiered cake. The sheet cake can be another flavor altogether.

Make sure the bottom layer is a flavor the bride and groom both like. That is the layer they will cut and serve each other symbolizing their pledge to work together and to care for each other.

Brides often save the top layer to share with the groom on their first anniversary. But you can also preserve it in brandy to be shared on your 50th (don't know how it will taste -- but it can be done.) Some bakeries will also offer to re-create the top of the cake for the first wedding

Sources: Various web sites, comments by bakers and wedding planners).