Sunday, December 02, 2007

Don't Forget the Poinsettia as a Table Centerpiece

Poinsettia Centerpiece

Put a pretty plant in a special container

Don't forget the lovely Poinsettia. Poinsettias make a lovely centerpiece. You can buy them as is, or you can dress them up yourself. Dress up the holidays with eye-catching new looks with an old favorite!

  • There are more choices than ever before -- breeders and indoor gardeners have more color
    options thatn ever before. Variegated reds, white and pinks.
  • Beyond RED - Shop for out of the ordinary varieties. Three examples are "Snowcap White" - bright white bracts (you can spray them with clear or even colored glitter to add some glitz (see blue flower to right); "Plum Pudding" - purple bracts and "Holly Point" - red bracts
    splashed with white.
  • Weeks of Color - To keep poinsettias looking great for weeks, place them near bright light
    and away from hot or cold drafts. Water when soil is dry to the touch,
    and allow excess water to drain.

Five minutes is all it will take to put together a nice centerpiece. Start with a low-growing poinsettia plant, place it a decorative container, add candles on each side and you're done.

Don't forget.... Poinsettias are seasonal, therefore, less expensive than choosing out of season plants!