Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alternatives to the Floral Wedding Bouquet

If you want to be unique, you or your bridesmaids can choose to carry something other than live or silk flowers down the aisle, here are some fun alternatives:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIf you want to carry a smaller bouquet (or have your bridal attendants carry something small), consider using Tussy Mussies. They have been around since the 18th century. They are simply cones that hold flowers. Designed to be held, or pinned on to clothing. Tussy Mussies can be made of almost any material, but they are most commonly found
in silver or silver-colored metal. Check out Online Bridal for a nice Victorian Rose Bridesmaid Tussy Mussy Tussy Mussy, Designed to hold the brides wedding bouquet, the elegant rose embossed adornment comes with an engravable tag to personalize every aspect of your special day. As flowers fade away, these silver accents will be with you forever. This one is very affordable (under $35), and makes a great keepsake after the wedding.

  • Fans. Try feather fans (available at Oriental Trading ) for a bit of fun, wooden fans for an understated look, or lacey fans for an old-fashioned flavor. For a peek at a variety of fans, check out the Paper Fans at beaucoup which were " As Seen" in InStyle; Weddings magazine and on Good Morning America. In theory, a hand fan is a great giveaway at a summer wedding, or an outdoor party. As lovely as they are practical, fans will sure to be popular among guests. A great way to help your guests stay cool during the ceremony or outdoor reception. Set a fan on each chair for your guests to enjoy - your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated. If you like, add some flowers to your fan to add some color and decor. You can follow the theme with Fan Favors!
  • "Winter Muffs are quite romantic if you are having a winter wedding.Lil' Lantern Wedding Favor

  • White Lace Parasols. Paper parasols give a vintage look, and lace parasols offer a Victorian air. Parasols also work as a "twofer" A parasol can beautifully shade
    the bride from the sun or add a decorative touch to bridal showers. Parasols can be turned upside-down for a fun way to collect cards.

  • Candles or lanterns are beautiful. Lanterns shouldn't be too heavy, and candles should be blown out at the alter, (or be smart and use the battery operated candles). No worries about fire. These lanterns to the right are designed to stir up memories of lazy summer
    eveningsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket spent in the glow of candlelight. Quaint and casual aluminum lantern measures 5" tall and is available in your choice of glossy white or brushed silver. The lid is removable so lighting and replacing the tea light is easy. Again, you can buy battery operated tea lights through Oriental Trading .

If you want to carry a single candle down the aisle you can add radiance to your event with this Choice Crystal lotus flower candleholder with candle. The unique lotus flower closes and sinks underwater, but at dawn it rises and opens again – making it a symbol of the sun and rebirth, representing long life and these wedding favors from the exclusive Choice Crystal truly capture the lotus’ beauty. Each features a 2 ¾” diameter faceted crystal lotus flower candleholder base with a 4” white tapered candle included.

King James Version Wedding Bible
A simple Bible. can be carried by the Bride. Or, the bible can be held with one long stemmed flowrer such as a rose or calla lily.

Conch shells. These are terrific for a beach wedding. (Can be found at Oriental Trading (Item IN-96/1332)