Thursday, November 08, 2007

Winter - Beach Wedding... The Tropical Christmas Tree

You don't have to live in Palm Springs to want a tropical or beach wedding in the Winter! And if you want to have one without spending alot of money just add to the decor ... we have just the place to find all your beach decor needs. One of the most underated companies on the net is Oriental Trading Co. They offer deep discounts on "everything." If you are looking for a tropical Holiday Tree -- Here is the place to get it!. As you can see, you can get "just" the tree for under $35.00; "just" the ornaments for $29.95 or you can get the tree and the ornaments as a set for $45.95. (GET THE SET : ) )

In order to find the tree on the site ... click on the link and put in the Item number (I have highlighted it in Red for you below and the item will pop up. P.S. Get Free Shipping on orders
of $60 or more at Oriental Trading Company! Enter coupon code RLS100 at checkout. Shop Now!

Item #: IN-95/2243 Palm Tree $34.95 Each

This wood, metal and pvc tree is perfect for your holiday celebrations! Or use it to create a tropical mood anywhere year-round. 6'H x 4'W. Accessories not included.


ITEM#: IN-95/22430 The “Palm Tree” Ornament Set $29.95
28 pcs Set(s)

The “Palm Tree” Ornament Set. Buy All Decorations On Tree & Save! ($00.00 value) Set includes:6 Tropical Santa Ornaments 8 Flamingo Ornaments12 Hibiscus Clips 1 string of Surfing Fun Lights, bright pink raffia Hula Skirt — for use at base of the tree (31" waist, 28"L) Not sold separately. Tree not included.

or you buy the set!

ITEM#: IN-34/12966 Palm Tree With Ornament Set
$45.95 1 Set(s)

This 6-ft wood PVC and metal pine tree is perfect for your luau celebration. Or use it to create a tropical mood anywhere year-round. It includes 8-ft surf light set, twelve 5 1/2" hibiscus flower
clips, eight 3 1/2" resin flamingo ornaments and a 28" pink raffia hula skirt for the base. (23 pcs. per set)

and these are cute too : )

Flip Flop Ornaments

ITEM#: IN-95/3606 Flip Flop Ornaments$14.95 3 Set(s)

Flip Flop Ornaments. Give your tree or a sunny window some tropical chic and holiday flair with our stained glass flip flops in merry holiday colors. Set includes three different designs. 4"L

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