Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Fragrances, Holiday Candles, That Holiday Feeling Decor

Candy Cane_Illuminations

Illuminations 2007 Holiday Fragrances: Candy Cane

Bursting with the cool effervescence of peppermint candy, this delightful seasonal
favorite is laced with a trace of sugar and creamy vanilla.


Illuminations 2007 Holiday Fragrances: Gingerbread

Moist gingerbread, fresh from the oven and seasoned with brown sugar, cinnamon,
ginger, clove, vanilla and a hint of honey, has never been more tempting.


Illuminations 2007 Holiday Fragrances: Snowmen Tapers Set

Stylishly elongated, these four will inspire plenty of fun before they melt away. A
perfect hostess offering or last-minute gift, the set arrives in a vintage-style
metal tin with four glass ice cube shaped taper holders.