Monday, May 14, 2007

Fairytale Scroll Candle ... Cinderella's got nothing on you! : )

Fairytale Scroll Candle

This Large Scroll candle is rolled by hand with 100% beeswax twice. They are very beautifully done with real flowers and leaves with the personalization embedded in the wax of the candle.

Starting with \"Once upon a time...\" and ending with \"...and they lived happily ever after\", with your names and date in between, this delicate storybook candle will be a keepsake to treasure forever.

Can be used as a \"Memorial Candle\" at your wedding to remember lost loved ones. Personalized with their name it would say: \"In Loving Memory of\"... \"Who Is Present In Our Hearts\".

Each candle has a clear wrapping with a coordinating ribbon. Please note that these fine candles are made with real flowers and the color and appearance may vary.

12 Flower choices available.