Saturday, April 21, 2007

So What Do You Think of Paper Gowns?

So what do you think of the paper gown.... No, I'm not talking about the one you wear in the hospital with the back open for everyone to see your .... errr birthday suit! Rather, I'm talking about the "You only get to wear it one time wedding gown". Think about it; the cost; the planning, the picking it out and all the questions about the "dress." Want to make people really talk? Try buying and wearing the Disposable Wedding Gown designed by Tuija Järvenpää, a Finnish designer who is more interested in creating disposable products than in making them permanent.

The wedding gown is made of shiny translucent white paper and can be styled with various prints, ornamental cut-in patterns and folds. It is designed for one-time use only, thus perfect for a wedding. After the event, it can be recycled or thrown away.

The disposable wedding gown was introduced in 2005 in conjunction with an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Helsinki. where a number of couples took part in a wedding ceremony and said "I do" in front of a marriage clerk. Each bride wore one of the dresses made of paper designed either by visual artist Maria Duncker or designer Tuija Järvenpää. The event was a success and now
the disposable wedding dress is vying for a larger place in the marketplace.