Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's a Good Sign for the Wedding ....

A craft project for the creative couple. Make a sign announcing your Wedding Date! Looks great in the reception foyer on an easle. Also a great decoration for the bridal shower!

These directions are provided courtesy of Station To create any one of the above personalized wedding signs, you will find it simple to do and it doesn’t require any artistic or creative ability. To re-create the “Set of Pink Roses” sign, you will need the following materials: blue painter’s tape, alphabetical letters and numbers, light pink paint, paint roller, glue and the "Roses and other Beautiful Flowers” metal sign.

First, use the blue painter’s tape and create the staight and horizonal lines that you see in the picture above. Make sure that the top of the blue painters tape is right under the words that you want to paint over. When step one is accomplished, the second step is to shake up your pink paint and apply at least two even coats of paint as shown. You will have to wait at least 20 minutes after each coat to make sure the paint is dry enough for the next application of paint. Now, when the paint is dry, it’s time to use the stencils to personalize the sign. But before you apply the stencils, you will have to slowly remove the blue painter’s tape from the sign. Before gluing the stencils to the sign, it’s important to lay out the stencils on the sign to make sure everything fits perfectly. When everything is glued and secured, you will have a beautiful and personalized wedding gift.

When creating the wooden plank sign design, you may use the “Fairy Tale Elf Flower” sign or any wooden sign that you enjoy doing. Then, follow the same steps as mentioned for the metal sign above except for 2 minor changes. First, use the painter’s tape to create an oval area for stencils instead of the horizontal and vertical lines. Secondly, use a small artist paint brush with light blue paint to create a border around the letters that are off the painted blue oval.

When on display at any wedding, these personalized wedding signs will be a great gift idea for the newly married couple. These signs will look great in a decorative wooden frame placed on an easel or add some beautiful, floral plants will definitely create an attractive focus point for many guests to enjoy and remember.

PS - If you are looking for a different floral looking sign, then this “Everything for the Garden Sign” might be for you.


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