Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Can't Elope But You CANTALOPE! Summer Weddings

Looking for a fabulous and inexpensive "WOW" factor for your wedding? So simple. So uniqe. I found this in the Southern Living Magazine; July 2009 Issue. This is great for the beach, summer or even spring wedding.

The cantalope sailboat. A wonderful spring/summer place setting. Take a wedge of melon which is basically a simple boat shape. (you can use honeydew or even watermelon if you prefer.) Then take a wooden skewer, some twine and thick card stock for a sail. Cut your paper into a curve triangle and use a pen to personalize. Cut a hole at the top and bottom of the paper and feed it onto a wood skewer. Afix a small piece of knotted twine at each end and stick into cantalope. Voila! A wonderful place setting that your guests will talk about. Take it a step further and purchase wedding stock with a light pattern or color coordinate to your wedding. You can also add other sailboat or nautical themes to the reception.

Source: Page 18, Southern Maryland Magazine (July, 2009); Photo by Ralph Anderson; Styling by Buffy Hargett