Friday, July 03, 2009

Bouquet Jewelry, Add a little bling to the arrangement!

Spice up your bridal bouquets with some bling. The newest trends for floral bouquets is bouquet jewelry. When you add "just enough" not too much it is gorgeous (not tacky). It adds to the flowers and adds a little shimmer. It's not expensive, and can make your bouquet unique in it's own right. Here are some examples:

This whimsical bouquet jewelry features sprays of silver wires and coils with Swarovski crystal beads. Sold as a set of 5 stems. Buy Now

This beautiful crystal bouquet shines with brilliant faceted crystals on golden or silver wires. The sprays are all tied up with a perfect organza ribbon bow in your choice of pink or white.

These gorgeous crystal starbursts add sparkle to your bridal bouquet. Sold as a set of 6.

This is a fabulous and very personal way to decorate your bouquet, or your bridesmaid bouquets. Each silver tone letter measures 2" high and is set with Swarovski crystal accents.


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