Monday, May 25, 2009

Pros and Cons of the Aisle Runner ... Have One or Not?

Why the aisle runner you ask? Brides first starting using aisle runners when roads were unpaved and guests would arrive and promptly track dirt, mud and anything else they could bring in from from the streets. A clean white runner was laid down so the bride's dress would not drag through the mud. In medieval times, runners were placed on the aisle to keep evil spirits from coming up through the ground to attack the bride and groom. Today, it is simply a wedding tradition that has carried on. An aisle runner does add a touch of elegance to your ceremony; and it still ensures that your dress stays clean on your walk down the aisle! But there are Pro's and Cons:

The Pros:
  • They add to the elegance of the ceremony site both in decor, and the tradition of the Usher's rolling the runner out
  • Runners can incorporate your colors into the ceremony space
  • They can help give your guests the message that they should “stay off” the aisle

With a Runner:

  • Have your monogram or names placed on the beginning of the runner
  • Use a fancy or funky fabric for a unique touch

This personalized white aisle runner is printed with your first names, last name and last name initial in your choice of ink color. Please specify first names, last name, last name initial and ink color. The runner is made of sturdy plastic and measures 36" x 100'. Please allow two additional weeks. Aisle runner will ship separately from the rest of your order. Price is per personalized aisle runner.

Personalized Aisle Runner

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  • They are an additional cost and perhaps unnecessary for brides trying to pinch pennies
  • Unless tacked to the ground in many places, they will shift and fold as you walk
  • If laid on carpet, it's for sure the carpet will "walk" with the bride. Probably best not to
    use a runner on a carpeted floor
  • If your venue is a small room, don't use one .. it will crowd the area
  • If a light color and you allow guests to walk on it pre-ceremony, you’ll see footprints all along your walk down the aisle; therefore, make sure the ushers roll it out right before
    you (the bride) walk down the aisle

What if I Don't Use Runner:

  • Place decorations along the pews or rows of chairs to dress up the space
  • Place arrangements on the floor along the sides of the aisle for a aisle-runner feel minus the actual runner
  • Try focusing your decorating attention above the aisle instead of the floor - create a canopy of sorts to walk under