Sunday, March 15, 2009

Subtle Memorial Ideas for Your Wedding

There are many tasteful ways to remember loved ones that have passed on. The key is to make is meaningful for the Bride, Groom and the family; but not uncomfortable for the guests. A wedding is a celebration of new love and life. It is also a celebration of the heart and family. There is a fine balance that you must keep in order to "do it right." Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add their name(s) to the program ("Remembering those who are with us in spirit.")
  • The Bride or Groom can wear something that belonged to the deceased. For example, the bride could wear a piece of jewelry; the groom a pocket watch, or perhaps cuff links.
  • Include them in the prayer.
  • Create a charm and add it into the bridal bouquet. A charm could be a small picture inserted into the bouquet, a vintage handkerchief wrapped around the bottom of the bouquet, or perhaps a photo pinned on the brides slip.
  • Set up a memorial table with pictures of your loved ones and have a lighted memorial candle next to it.
  • Play a favorite song of the person.
  • Have memorial candles or vases of flowers.

Last but not least, here are two items that are both classy and sensible that could be used. I personally love the feather/angel pin. It's subtle, sweet and "nice":

In Memory Angel Wings

Angel Wings - Designed to acknowledge family members or friends who have passed away but remain forever in your heart. This pearlized angel wing pin is beautifully presented atop a real feather and then attached to a heavy stock card. The angel wings can be pinned into the bride's bouquet or inside the hem of her gown as a reminder of those who are missed. The poetry card is available in six different versions including Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Someone Special and Special Friend.

Remembering Vase

Rememberance Vase - Celebrate and honor the life of your loved ones who have passed with this hand blown glass vase to be placed on the altar or another special area at the ceremony or reception. You may choose to have the vase personalized with a specific name or something more general such as "Our Loved Ones" or "Our Grandparents", up to 22 characters and spaces. Personalization will be placed under the word "Remembering".