Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good Orient ... Don't Let The Name Fool You! Excellent Prices for Excellent Gowns!

I was very pleased and shocked to come across the Good Orient Site today. The Good Orient boutique evolved from a 1998 hobbyist Asian theme webstore to one of the leading fully-fledged Asian Specialty E-stores in the world. They have a great selection of traditional and modern wedding gowns, gowns for the mothers and dresses for the flower girls in both western styles and in Asian-inspired apparel. They don't stop there ... they offer other clothing in well. Well worth checking out. Here are just a few that I picked out!

True Love is under $350.00- This exceptional gown is the new stylish wedding dress that is regal and elegant, as befitting a bride on her special day. The superb hand embroidery would set this wedding dress apart from other dresses on any day, but most of all on a wedding day. This gown will be the focus of attention on the bride; or it would be the centerpiece of a serious collection. Select your favorite one and enjoy your wedding day!!

Then there is this dress for $207.98. Dignified, tasteful and made of satin and lace.
Again, they have a large selection that is defintely worth looking into!


Anonymous said...

But, have you or anyone actually ordered from this site? Things look nice in photos but it is not clear that this is a good place to order from.