Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Tips for the Buff Bride

June is statistically the most popular month for weddings in the U.S. This means that thousands of women are now coutning down the day and worrying about how they will look their best on their wedding day.

According to Sue Fleming the author of "Buff Fitness - Buff Brides-Count Down to Gown" says "The cake and flowers are forgotten ater the wedding is over. The wedding picture stays on the mantel forever." So, here are some tips that she has to offer to get you wedding dress shape:

  1. Don't try to do too much at the start. Do not expect your body to dom something it can't. Don't wait until a week bofre the wedding to start working out.

  2. Make exercise a number one priority. Planning a wedding is stressful, therefore, there is not better release than exercise.

  3. Create a basic home gym for when you cannot afford to go to the gym.

  4. Include cardio and strength training. in addition to a proper diet plan

  5. Set realistic goals, You can't change your body frame, but you can tone and scultp your body.

So.... get moving : )