Saturday, March 10, 2007

Planning a Spring Wedding or Easter Wedding

Dot's So Sweet

From YouTube comes one of those wonderful midcentury cartoons that makes you wonder how mainstream animated shorts became so brain-dead by the early 70s (Hanna-Barbera, I believe). The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics is a Chuck Jones production from 1965; it won an Oscar, it darn near won a Golden Palm at Cannes, and it's just been nominated for the I Can't Believe They Got Away With That Math Joke Nobel. Enjoy and have a great day!

The Easter or Spring Wedding

Exchanging vows in the season of spring is romantic and fresh. There is no other way to phrase it. A new marriage in bloom, just like the trees don their new buds, grass springs from the ground and flowers begin to show their petals.

If you're planning a spring wedding, you should go completely with a spring wedding theme and include the freshness of the season. Elements to include in your spring wedding theme can include garden elements, fresh fruit, herbs, wildflowers, birds, doves, spring flowers, Easter candies and pastel colors.

One example of embracing the season, is for the bride and bridesmaids to wear wreaths of wildflowers in their hair, or carry bouquets of wildflowers. The groom and groomsmen may wear wildflower boutonnieres. Other common wedding flowers that bloom in spring include tulips, irises, lilacs and daffodils. Another nice idea is for the Bride to carry a simple Bible instead of a bouquet, or a Bible with a small bouquet of flowers. Instead of having a flower girl scatter rosebuds, you may have her scatter a mixture of wildflower or daisy petals. After the ceremony, instead of leaving the ceremony in a shower of rice or bubbles, consider birdseed, butterflies, releasing doves or wildflower petals.

Consider an outside reception if available and if the weather permits. If you want to keep it "light" choose background music that is light and uplifting, such as flute or harp music.

As for decorations at your spring theme wedding reception, consider displaying wildflowers in clear vases or metal buckets. Bunches of fresh or dried herbs, such as lavender and rosemary, may be mixed in with bouquets. For table centerpieces, floating candles and flowers in bowls are a simply beautiful addition to the table. To make your own, purchase silk flowers, such as roses or daisies, and immerse them in clear glass bowls filled with water. Then add floating candles, perhaps in the shape of flowers, to the top of the water. Light the candles and enjoy.

For spring wedding theme favors, consider wine glass charms in the shape of daisies, butterflies and garden tools. Attach the favors to wine glasses at the tables, and on the place-card at each table setting, note that the charms are for the guests to keep. Another idea would be to place seed packets in miniature terra cotta pots, and tie a ribbon around each pot with an instructions tag tied to the ribbon, telling the guests how to plant their seeds.

Have A Jelly Belly Wedding

Brides are constantly dreaming up unique ideas for their wedding days. Evidence of this is in the wedding venue and theme. Lori Woolery and Daymon Tracy of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, tied the knot at a Jelly Belly Store known as the Jelly Belly Junction. To complete the sweet tooth wedding, Lori was actually escorted down the aisle by a human sized red jelly bean in a top hat and gold bow tie! William Kelley, the vice chairman of the Jelly Belly Candy Co., drove from the company offices in North Chicago, Ill., to attend this unusual event. After the ceremony ended the couple and the wedding party took a tour of the premise on the Jelly Belly train.

What a fun and novel wedding concept!

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