Friday, June 30, 2006

The Saddest Thing I Own Blog .... is Sad!

I can't help it, I am just intrigued by this entry on this blog. I have actually bookmarked it. A guy with a unique engagement ring and failed engagement. That is sad. And, it makes one wonder how he is faring. And, it is a really really cool ring. The quesiton is: "What will he do with the ring?" or hopefully, if they are still friends, "Will they get back together?"

Engagement Ring · May 4, 06:32 by Daniel Talsky

I was going to marry her, and I was very serious about it. I went to one of the best Jewelry design places in all of the city, and asked them about making a ring that was a fish, because she was my little fish.

I ended up just bringing her in and having her do sketches to help design the ring. We designed it together and picked out a stone together. She loved wearing it and it was a symbol of our love.

When we broke up, two months away from our planned wedding date, of course she gave it back to me. I spent almost two thousand dollars on it, but there’s not much about the materials themselves that are worth that much. The cabuchon sapphire, the small chips, and the little diamond from a ring of my grandmother’s, plus the metal, wouldn’t amount to much. The real value is in the custom time that we and the craftsmen put into carving it and forging it.

Now I still have it and have no idea what to do with it? Sell it for a couple of hundred dollars at most and let it go to some stranger? Give it to her in ten years as a symbol of our enduring friendship? (we are still very close friends) Throw it into the sea? Who knows. Until then it will sit in my closet…easily the saddest object I own. (Find this page and site here: )